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Review on Scale Dependent Characterization of the Microstructure of Porous Media

R. Hilfer
1.: ICA-1, Universität Stuttgart, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany
2.: Institut für Physik, Universität Mainz, 55099 Mainz, Germany

The paper discusses local porosity theory and its relation with other geometric characterization methods for porous media such as correlation functions and contact distributions. Special emphasis is placed on the charcterization of geometric observables through Hadwigers theorem in stochastic geometry. The four basic Minkowski functionals are introduced into local porosity theory, and for the first time a relationship is established between the Euler characteristic and the local percolation probabilities. Local porosity distributions and local percolation probabilities provide a scale dependent characterization of the microstructure of porous media that can be used in an effective medium approach to predict transport.

Key words and phrases:
porous media, microstructure, geometrical characterization of porous media, structural properties, flow in porous media, transport in porous media micro-macro-transition