Disordered Systems

Frequency Dependent Response and Dynamic Disorder

R. Hilfer

Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 131–133, 213 (1991)

submitted on
Wednesday, June 20, 1990

This paper discusses selected aspects of the application of dynamic percolation models to ionic transport in mixed-ion superionic conductors. The discussion is based on an AB lattice gas model with hard-core repulsions and a ratio r between the transition rates of particles A and B. The frequency-dependent conductivity for a tracer particle is calculated within an effective-medium theory. The motion of the background B-particles is regarded as providing a fluctuating disordered environment for the tracer particles A. A crossover frequency separating high-frequency and low-frequency response is found which scales with the negative square root of r. The results for the dc-limit are compared with simulations and are found to be in very good agreement.

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