fluid flow Porous Media

Numerical Simulation of Creeping Fluid Flow in Reconstruction Models of Porous Media

C. Manwart, R. Hilfer

Physica A 314, 706 (2002)

submitted on
Sunday, March 30, 2003

In this paper we examine representative examples of realistic three-dimensional models for porous media by comparing their geometry and permeability with those of the original experimental specimen. The comparison is based on numerically exact evaluations of permeability, porosity, speci/c internal surface, mean curvature, Euler number and local percolation probabilities. The experimental specimen is a three-dimensional computer tomographic image of Fontainebleau sandstone. The three models are stochastic reconstructions for which many of the geometrical characteristics coincide with those of the experimental specimen. We /nd that in spite of the similarity in the geometrical properties the permeability and formation factor can differ greatly between models and the experiment.

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