Biological Physics (SS 2006)

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The idea is to meet on each thursday at 11:15 in the usual room Phys 1.114. The other dates can be fixed according to what fits best.

Thursday, may 11
extraordinary seminar given by Silvina Matysiak, on Coarse grained protein simulations and polymer translocation through pores.
Tuesday, may 16
Intro to classical Density Functional Theory (DFT): Mehmet Suzen
Thursday, may 25
Thursday, June 01
Poisson-Boltzmann Theory: Olaf Lenz
Thursday, June 08
Beyond Poisson-Boltmann Theory: Sandeep Tyagi
Thursday, June 15
Thursday, June 22
Proton transfer studies between titratable amino acid side chains and solvent molecules for Q-HOP MD towards an application to Quinol: Fumarate Reductase (QFR) (Elena Herzog, something about her Ph.D. thesis)


  • Strong coupling theory and beyond for strongly charged systems (S. Tyagi)
  • Intro into treatments of long range interactions (C. Holm)
  • Coulombic Ewald sums and its efficient treatments (P3M) (JJ Cerda)
  • Electrophoresis of charged macromolecules (K. Grass)
  • Intro into Lattice Boltzmann (U. Schiller, probably only early next semester...)
  • What's inside cells lecture (C. Holm??)
  • Maybe: one more lecture out of the book "Biological Physics" (NN)