Colloquium 11/7/2011

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Cosima Stubenrauch,
IPC, Universität Stuttgart

On Foams, Emulsions, Gels, and Microemulsions
...a journey across colloidal dimensions

The research work carried out in our group deals with various aspects of “Colloid and Interfacial Chemistry”. We currently focus on two topics within this broad research area, which will be addressed in the talk. (1) Surfaces – Foam Films – Foams: The correlation between surfactant-loaden water-air surfaces, free-standing thin foam films of less than 100 nm thickness and 3D aqueous foams is still an open question. To address this problem surface coverage, surface elasticity, film thickness, film stability, coalescence, coarsening and drainage are studied. (2) Microemulsions: Due to their unique properties and fascinating structural variety we use microemulsions as tailor-made, nanostructured reaction media. The studied reactions are either the reduction of metal salts for the synthesis of metallic nanoparticles or enzyme-catalysed conversions of substrates. Furthermore, we investigate the formulation of microemulsions with Ionic Liquids as well as the structure of gelled microemulsions, which is a new class of orthogonal self-assembled systems.