Colloquium 6/27/2011

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Frank Schreiber, Institute for Applied Physics, Universität Tübingen

Manipulating protein interactions with multivalent ions: Aggregation, crystallization and diffusion

After a brief review of interactions in protein solutions, we will discuss how multivalent ions can be used to manipulate these interactions and the associated phase behavior as well as the diffusion dynamics.

We show that multivalent ions do not only influence the ionic strength and the effective interactions in aqueous solutions [1], but lead to new effects.

We focus on results obtained by scattering (SAXS, ASAXS, SANS). Particular attention will be given to the "reentrant condensation" of proteins [2] and its relationship with liquid-liquid phase separation and crystallization. In particular, we attempt to rationalize crystallization controlled by trivalent ions [3].

These results are compared to the diffusion dynamics in these systems studied using neutron spectroscopy (QENS) and light scattering techniques (DLS).


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