Hauptseminar Active Matter SS 2015

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Seminar (Talks and Discussion)
Date and Time
weekly during the SS 2015; Wednesday 15.45h; the dates are specified per topic
Institut für Computerphysik, room 01.079
Credit Points
2 SWS = 3 CP (ECTS)
Prof. Dr. Clemens Bechinger (2. PI)
Dr. Juan Ruben Gomez-Solano (2. PI)
Prof. Dr. Christian Holm (ICP)
Dr. Joost de Graaf (ICP)
Course Number
We expect the participants to have fundamental knowledge in classical and statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, electrodynamics, and partial differential equations.
Application (=Anmeldung) for the Seminar. Please write an email to Joost de Graaf until December 1. On December 10th at 13.15h at the ICP (seminar room 1.095) there will be a meeting to gauge the interest of the students, discuss the topics, and handle the topic assignment. Topics must be chosen before December 15.
There will be organizational meeting that will be mandatory to all participants in February 2015, probably during the first week of the winter break to discuss topics and style and other requirements.

Schedule, speakers and resources

Date Time Topic Speaker Tutor
We, 15.04 15:45h Theoretical Description of Hydrodynamic Interactions: Solving Stokes' Equations for Particles (T) Richard Kemmler Florian Weik Talk (23.7 MB) Handout (2.62 MB)
We, 22.04 15:45h Life at Low Reynolds Numbers: Nature`s Strategy for Motion at Small Length Scales (T) Karoline Weinspach Georg Rempfer Talk (49.3 MB) Handout (1.34 MB)
We, 29.04 15:45h Man-made Realizations of Mechanical Swimmers (E) Mohammad Pakdaman Clemens Bechinger Talk (59.8 MB) Handout (679 kB)
We, 06.05 15:45h The Standard (Self-)Diffusiophoretic Models (T) Jorge Sauceda Joost de Graaf Talk (719 kB) Handout (409 kB)
We, 13.05 15:45h Gradient-Based Microswimmers (E) Divya Virmani Clemens Bechinger Talk (24.3 MB) Handout (599 kB)
We, 22.05 15:45h The Standard (Self-)Electrophoretic Models (T) Alexander Weyman Christian Holm Talk (7.33 MB) Handout (1.4 MB)
We, 27.05 15:45h Other Types of Artificial Microswimmers (E) Julia Riede Juan Ruben Gomez Solano Talk (3.24 MB) Handout (504 kB)
We, 10.06 15:45h Computer Simulations of Active Matter (T) Steinn Imir Agustsson Georg Rempfer Talk (25.1 MB) Handout (1 MB)
We, 10.06 16:45h Gravitaxis of Active Particles (E) Daniel Arnold Tobias Bäuerle Talk (8.68 MB) Handout (4.03 MB)
We, 17.06 15:45h Theoretical Models for the Bubble-Propulsion of SPPs (T) Laurin Rademacher Joost de Graaf Talk (8.18 MB) Handout (6.24 MB)
We, 24.06 15:45h Swimming under Confinement and Rectification (E) Mathias Bories Juan Ruben Gomez Solano Talk (26.9 MB) Handout (2.27 MB)
We, 01.07 15:45h Swimming in non-Newtonian Fluids (E) Padma Kanya Radhakrishnan Juan Ruben Gomez Solano Talk (53 MB) Handout (825 kB)
We, 08.07 15:45h Collective Behavior of Active Matter (T) Melanie Lipp Joost de Graaf Talk (41.9 MB) Handout (2.81 MB)
We, 08.07 16:45h Collective Motion of Living Organisms (E) Julian Maisch Juan Ruben Gomez Solano Talk (18.5 MB) Handout (2.24 MB)
We, 15.07 15:45h Passive Particles in Active Media (E) Chen Miaoqing Celia Lozano Talk (1.94 MB) Handout (1.16 MB)

The (T) or (E) after the talk title indicate if this topic would count towards an experimental or theoretical Seminar certificate:

(T): Theoretical Seminar Talk (E): Experimental Seminar Talk

Getting the credit points

To get the credit points for the seminar, the following criteria should be met:

  • All participants must:
    • Make the first appointment with their supervisor 2 months (a minimum of 8 weeks) before giving their talk
    • Have read the literature provided on the website/by the supervisor before this first meeting
    • Hand in a draft of their presentation 1 month (a minimum of 4 weeks) before giving their talk
    • Give a trial talk 2 weeks in advance of their public talk and hand in their final draft of the handout
    • Hand in the final version of their handout 1 week in advance
    • Give their talk at the arranged time
    • Be present at all talks
    • Take part in the discussions following the talks
  • The handout:
    • Consists of 8 to 10 A4 pages (incl. pictures; 10 pt font, single space text)
    • Describes the contents of the talk, written out in full
    • Is written for the other participants
    • Is written in English
  • The talk:
    • Consists of material pertaining to the topic
    • Has a length of 45 minutes
    • Is prepared in electronic form
    • Is held in English
  • Participants are graded according to:
    • The quality of the trial talk and final draft of the hand out (50%)
    • The quality of the final presentation (25%)
    • The level of participation in the discussion (25%)