Oberseminar 10/21/2011

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Elena Minina,
Ural State University,
Ekaterinburg, Russia

The Bidisperse Ferrofluid Microstructure in a Monolayer

In the present study we analyze the cluster structures observed in the model bidisperse ferrofluid constrained in quasi-2D (q2D) layer in the absence of an externally applied magnetic field. We use a combination of a DFT approach and molecular dynamic simulation to quantitatively describe various chain and ring structures and their equilibrium area fractions. We also show that to reach a good agreement between simulation data and theoretical predictions in q2D geometry in theory one needs to allow for more possible chain configurations than in the bulk system. We provide explanations why the microstructure of bulk bidisperse ferrofluids differs noticeably from the one in q2D layer.