Oberseminar: Physik mit Höchstleistungsrechnern (SS 2012)

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The ICP Oberseminar usually takes place on Mondays 11:30-13:00 h, in the lecture hall (ICP V 27.01). Duration of the talks should be 30-45 min. If there are two speakers per session, each talk should not exceed 30min. We expect all group members to be present and to participate in a lively discussion. In case of questions, please contact Owen Hickey

All seminars

April 2012

16 April 2012 11:30
PWR27.01 (ICP)
Presenting your research (more...)

23 April 2012 11:30
PWR27.01 (ICP)
A dielectric model for ion fluxes through nanopores and transmembrane channels (more...)
José Rafael Bordin, ICP and Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil

30 April 2012 11:30
PWR27.01 (ICP)
Crystallization of Charged Macromolecules (more...)

May 2012

7 May 2012 11:30
PWR27.01 (ICP)
Horizontal flow and capillary redistribution in porous media (more...)

14 May 2012 11:30
PWR27.01 (ICP)
canceled (more...)

21 May 2012 11:30
PWR27.01 (ICP)
Electrokinetics in nanopores (more...)

25 May 2012 11:30
PWR27.01 (ICP)
Special seminar - off schedule
Hybrid Monte Carlo simulations for polymers (more...)
Filip Uhlík, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

June 2012

4 June 2012 11:30
PWR27.01 (ICP)
Coarse-grained simulation of tracer diffusion in hairy cylindrical channel: normal vs anomalous (more...)

11 June 2012 11:30
PWR27.01 (ICP)
Coarse-grained modeling of electrokinetics (more...)

15 June 2012 10:00
Lesesaal (Room 11)
Differential Capacitance of Ionic Liquids: Insights from Coarse-grained Modeling (more...)

18 June 2012 11:30
PWR27.01 (ICP)
Triangle-Based Numerical Techniques for the Study of Anisotropic Colloids (more...)
Joost de Graaf, Universiteit Utrecht

25 June 2012 11:30
PWR27.01 (ICP)
DNA Segregation Process in Primitive Bacteria (more...)

29 June 2012 10:00
Lesesaal (ICP)
Chemically powered, phoretic motion (more...)
Benedikt Sabass, II. Institut für Theoretische Physik - Universitaet Stuttgart

July 2012

2 July 2012 11:30
PWR27.01 (ICP)
Investigating the Statistics of Precipitation in Fe/Cu Systems Using Computer Simulations
(tba) (more...)

13 July 2012 10:00
PWR27.01 (ICP)

16 July 2012 11:30
PWR27.01 (ICP)
Simulations of hydrogel swelling equilibria under external pressure and TBA (more...)

23 July 2012 11:30
PWR27.01 (ICP)
Planning of the next term. Obligatory for all ICP members! (more...)

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