Simulation Methods in Practice SS 2020

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  • The tutorials will take place in the ICP CIP-Pool
  • New worksheets are handed out every two weeks. The first worksheet will be handed out on Thu. 16.04.2020. The following week is dedicated to working on problems related to the last worksheet. Homework in the form of a report should be sent to the responsible tutor (Dr. Maofeng Dou or Christoph Lohrmann) before the next worksheet will be handed out. The two-week cycle ends with the discussion of results of the previous worksheet and handing out a new one.
  • The worksheets should be handed in every second Tuesday until 10 am (see dates below).
  • Assessment of the tutorials

Each task within the tutorial is assigned a given number of points. Each student should have 50 % of the points from each tutorial as a prerequisite for the oral examination.