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This is a translated version of the Hinweise zur Reisekostenabrechnung (hints on how to fill out the travel cost statement), in its January 2009 version. You can find the most recent version in table Abrechnung of page Dokumente Reisekosten.

Following hints must be adhered to when filling out the travel cost statement in order to avoid delays caused by repeated questions by the travel cost office.

1. The time span of the travel has to be listed stating the individual calender day (individually for every day). Begin and end of duty-related business has to be stated for each location. For travels to a foreign country, the time of each border crossing has to be stated (also for the return trip). In case of travelling by plane, the time of arrival has to be stated; flight plan should be attached.

2. Original bills, vouchers, and receipts have to be attached (otherwise there will be no reimbursement)

  • For transportation costs, if it amounts altogether to more than 10,00€ (remark: it is recommended that ALL receipts be attached)
  • For cost of taxi and hired car
  • For all additional costs like conference fee, phone calls, fax and similar expenses

3. Conference fee(s) have to be substantiated by submitting the registration and the agenda/program which states the services/benefits covered by the conference fee (accommodation, catering, proceedings, etc.).

4. Substantiation of claim is required by law for the:

  • Necessity of using taxi or hired car, when public transportation is available, such as train or bus.
  • Necessity of traveling by plane
  • Reimbursement of accommodation cost above the legal allowance (remark: practically always since the allowed flat rate is about 25 €)
  • Reimbursement of duty-related telephone and/or internet costs

5. It has to be stated in the travel cost form if you were using a "Bahncard" or another bonus arrangement for a trip. If there are no rebates available for traveling by railway, you have to use the rabate for big customers (Großkundenrabatt GKR). If a regular-priced ticket is bought, only part of the cost can be reimbursed (the part of the cost which could have been saved when using GRK won't be reimbursed.)

6. Reimbursement for giving a colleague a ride on a duty trip can only be granted if the passenger's trip is also an approved duty-related trip. The passenger has to confirm on the travel cost statement that he was a passenger in the traveller's car.

7. Remunerations received in connection with duty-related business have to stated (e.g., payments for lectures, invitations for lunch, reimbursement of accommodation or benefits) on the travel cost statement. Free meals (also individual meals, e.g., breakfast included in hotel room price) or free accommodation have to be stated.

8. The travel cost statement has to be signed by the director of the institut or his/her representative(s). Originals of tickets, vouchers, receipts etc. have to be attached to it.

9. The travel cost statement has to be submitted in writing to the travel cost office not later than 6 months after the day of return from the trip, Otherwise the expenses will not be paid. Remark: Please submit your travel cost statement as soon as possible after conclusion of the travel, there is less risk that tickets, etc, will be lost.