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== Tutorials ==
* Tutorial ''Electronic Transport Calculations''
'''[[Media:quantum_transport_tutorial .pdf |Worksheet]]'''
'''[[Media:Fast.tgz |Input files]]'''

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Lecture and Tutorials (2 SWS in total)
The group leaders of the ICP
Course language
English (German if possible)
ICP, Allmandring 3; Meeting Room (Lecture), CIP-Pool (Tutorials)
Wednesday, 11:30-13:00

The course will consist out of a lecture and a tutorial in weekly turns.


Date Topic Speaker
9.4. Lecture Forward Flux Sampling Axel Arnold
16.4. Lecture Free energy methods & rare event sampling Jens Smiatek
23.4. Tutorial Metadynamics/FFS Kai Kratzer
30.4. Lecture Electronic Transport Calculations Maria Fyta
7.5. Tutorial Electronic Transport Calculations Ganesh Sivaraman
14.5. Lecture Advanced Electrostatics Axel Arnold
21.5. Tutorial Advanced Electrostatics Olaf Lenz
28.5. Lecture Dielectric Contrasts Stefan Kesselheim
4.6. Tutorial Dielectric Contrasts Stefan Kesselheim
11.6. No lecture
18.6. Lecture Electrokinetics Stefan Kesselheim
25.6. Tutorial Electrokinetics Stefan Kesselheim
2.7. Lecture Parallelization Olaf Lenz
9.7. Tutorial Parallelization Olaf Lenz


  • Tutorial Electronic Transport Calculations


Input files