Biosystems topical meeting

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As the name suggests, in this topical meeting we discuss biologically relevant systems in solution. Examples:

  • DNA
  • osmolytes
  • solvent mixtures

We will also discuss methodological approaches, e.g.,

  • ab initio (DFT) simulations
  • polarizable and reactive force fields

usefulness, applicability, and validity for the investigated problems.

If you have thought about using a certain method or heard something about a new method that could be useful to you or others, then you are most welcome to share in this meeting.

Topics of meeting:

02.03.2021 - Henrik Jager: Update on his master thesis on thermodynamics integration - Takeshi Kobayashi: Surface tension calculations of the Heptane-IL interface


Maofeng Dou : Find universal descriptors for binding energy estimation in Li-ion and Li-metal battery.

Maofeng Dou : Graph dynamical network for atomic scale dynamic.


Johannes Zeeman : New results on the long range screening in concentrated electrolytes.