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Master Thesis Topics

Topics for Master Thesis, "Diplomarbeiten" and "Staatsexamenarbeiten" are in the subject areas of Statistical Physics, Simulation and Theory of Biological and Soft Matter, Theory and Simulation of Porous Media and Fractional Calculus. The following people can supervise theses in the following subject areas. If you are interested in a theses in any of these areas, contact the corresponding scientists!

Christian Holm: Theory and Simulation of Electrostatics and Hydrodynamics in Soft Matter

Rudolf Hilfer: Theory and Simulation of Porous Media and Fractional Calculus

Axel Arnold: GPGPU-Computing and Lattice-Boltzmann

Jens Smiatek: Solvent effects on (Bio)Macromolecules

Maria Fyta: Biomolecules, Materials, and Biomaterials

A number of different simulation methodologies ranging from quantum mechanical to Molecular Dynamics and coarse-grained schemes are used to model different systems, which range from biomolecules, to materials, and biomaterials. The properties of interest are separately the conformational dynamics of biomolecules, and the optoelectronic and mechanical properties of doped carbon nanostructures. Focus is currently also given on the interaction of biomolacules, such as DNA nucleobases with materials, and the assembly of these different units. Applications involve biolabeling, biosensing, ultra-fast DNA sequencing, to name a few. Bachelor/Diplom/Master theses are directed along the above lines.

Olaf Lenz: Software, Programming and ESPResSo

If you are interested in the software and programming side of Computational Physics, Olaf might be the right person to contact. Master theses supervised by Olaf will typically involve one of the following tasks:

  • Implementation of an algorithm in ESPResSo. ESPResSo is a simulation software that is developed and maintained at our institute.
  • Performance comparison of algorithms, software packages or programming languages.