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* [[Christian Holm]]: Project coordination
* [[Christian Holm]]: Project coordination
* [[Olaf Lenz]]: Core development
* [[Olaf Lenz]]: Core development
* the whole SimBio group: different contributions
== Collaborators ==
== Collaborators ==

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The logo of ESPResSo has been produced using ESPResSo itself.

ESPResSo is a software package for simulations of soft-matter systems, which is co-developed and used in the working group for most of its research.

ESPResSo is capable of doing classical Template:Wp simulations of many types of systems in different Template:Wps (NVE, NVT, NPT). It contains many advanced simulation algorithms (Lattice-Boltzmann). ESPResSo is controlled via Template:Wp scripts, which gives it a great flexibility.

Besides doing the regular research on different physical systems, the working group is constantly trying to improve and extend the ESPResSo software.