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The logo of ESPResSo has been produced using ESPResSo itself.

ESPResSo is a software package for simulations of soft-matter systems, which is co-developed and used in the working group for most of its research.

ESPResSo is capable of doing classical Molecular dynamics simulations of many types of systems in different statistical ensembles (NVE, NVT, NPT). It contains many advanced simulation algorithms (Lattice-Boltzmann). ESPResSo is controlled via Tcl scripts, which gives it a great flexibility.

Besides doing the regular research on different physical systems, the working group is constantly trying to improve and extend the ESPResSo software.


There will be a CECAM tutorial on simulating soft matter with ESPResSo on October 11-15, 2010, here at the ICP. For more details, see the CECAM webpage.