Firefox installation

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  • Install it via
 cd $SBSOFTDIR/opt
 tar xzvf firefox-<version>.tar.gz
  • If you want to keep the name firefox, link the script firefox to the bin dir
 ln -s $SBSOFTDIR/opt/firefox/firefox $SBSOFTDIR/bin/
  • If you want to use another name (firefox-2.0), create a shell script that contains
exec /home/fias/simbio/software/opt/firefox/firefox "$@"
  • make a softlink to the java plugin
 ln -s \
  /etc/alternatives/ \
  • copy the macromedia flash plugin
 cp /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/flashplayer.xpt $SBSOFTDIR/opt/firefox/plugins/
 cp /usr/lib/firefox/plugins/ $SBSOFTDIR/opt/firefox/plugins/