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== Teaching ==
== Teaching ==
* [[Course on Soft matter simulation techniques SoSe 2008]]:
* [[Simulation Techniques for Soft Matter Sciences (SS 2008)]]:
  Tutorial VI: {{Download|t6-sose08.tar.gz|Lennard-Jones liquid|tar}}
  Tutorial VI: {{Download|t6-sose08.tar.gz|Lennard-Jones liquid|tar}}
* [[Simulation Techniques for Soft Matter Sciences (SS 2008)]]
*[[Statistical Mechanics (WS 2008/2009)]]

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<setdata> status=PhD student room=2.302 phone=47529 fax=47611 email=dommert _at_ fias.uni-frankfurt.de image=Florian Dommert.jpg </setdata>

[[Image:{{#data:image|No_photo.png}}|right|180px]] {{#data:status}}

As Florian Dommert is not a member of our working group anymore, the information on this page might be outdated.


Diploma Thesis

application_pdf.pngThe Unfolding Pathway of Ubiquitin in Various Chemical Environments (5.31 MB)Info circle.png, Diploma Thesis, 2007, Ludwigs-Maximilians-Universität München


<pubentries year=2008 author="dommert" pdflink="yes"> </pubentries>


Tutorial VI: tar.pngLennard-Jones liquid (687 KB)Info circle.png