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Group leader: [[Tobias Richter]]
Group leader: [[Tobias Richter]]
Group leader: [[Tobias Richter]]

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Group leader: Tobias Richter


The meeting takes place every three weeks on Wednesday at 13:00, if not indicated differently.

SS 2014

  • Wed, 2.7.2014
  • Wed, 11.6.2014
  • Wed, 21.5.2014
  • Wed, 30.4.2014
  • Wed, 9.4.2014

WS 2013/2014

  • Wed, 12.02.2014: Extraordinary Time: 15:30, Topic will be reports on progress and problems
  • Wed, 15.01.2013: Cell under tension model for hydrogels (TR)
  • Wed, 04.12.2013: fitting elastic constants in magnetic gels (RW) and as backup: Poisson-Boltzmann Cell under tension model for hydrogels (TR)
  • Wed, 20.11.2013: Continuation of the blob picture for polymers under confinement, maybe talk on fitting elastic constants
  • Wed, 06.11.2013: Talks on Blobology: Pincus blobs, Polymer blobs under confinement, electrostatic blobs
  • Wed, 23.10.2013: Progress Report
  • Wed, 2.10.2013: Initial meeting

Additional Material

Overview over active swimmers by Joost application_pdf.pngactive swimmers (6.83 MB)Info circle.png

Some remarks on literature research by Joost application_pdf.pngliterature research (1.9 MB)Info circle.png