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== Literatur ==
== Literatur ==
I. Carmesin and Kurt Kremer - The Bond Fluctuation Method: A New Effective Algorithm for the Dynamics of Polymers in All Spatial Dimensions<br />
<bibentry pdflink="yes" write="yes">
''Macromolecules, Vol. 21, No.9, pages 2819-2823 (1988)''
G.W. Slater, C. Holm et al. - Modeling the separation of macromolecules: A review of current computer simulation methods<br />
''Electrophoresis, Vol. 30, pages 792-818 (2009)''<br />
(especially chapters 2.1.3 and
D. Rigby and B.E. Eichinger - Polymer Modeling: Where Has it Been and Where is it Going?<br />
''Macromol. Symp., Vol. 201, pages 47-56 (2003)''
== Gliederungsvorschlag ==
== Gliederungsvorschlag ==

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1. Was sind Polymere?
2. Notwendige Vereinfachungen
3. Bond-fluctuation model
4. Off-lattice approach