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|topic=Modelling bacteria in porous media
|topic=Modelling bacteria in porous media
|speaker= Kevin Vietz
|speaker= Kevin Vietz

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Modelling bacteria in porous media
Kevin Vietz
Christoph Lohrmann


Motile bacteria are a prime example of active matter. They are, in contrast to passive particles like molecules or colloids, far from equilibrium in any system because of their self-propulsion. This leads to interesting and sometimes counterintuitive transport properties, especially if the swimmers are placed in porous confinement.

This talk covers the fundamentals of the statistics and hydrodynamics of confined motile active matter at the micrometer scale. For different regimes of pore sizes, the relevant physics of the interplay between motility, confinement and external flow are discussed: For small pores, confinement determines the motility pattern, whereas for large surfaces hydrodynamics is the dominant factor. For intermediate pore sizes, all effects act together and create interesting phenomena. We will also highlight industrial applications of bacteria in porous media.