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|topic=Magnetic gels as smart materials
|topic=Magnetic gels as smart materials
|speaker= Patrick Egenlauf
|speaker= Patrick Egenlauf

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Magnetic gels as smart materials
Patrick Egenlauf
Patrick Kreissl


Magnetic nano- or mircronsized particles embedded in polymeric environments are an interesting class of composite materials. As the magnetic properties of the particles couple to the (visco)elastic properties of the surround polymeric matrix, one can dynamically control some of the composite material's properties, such as their motion, shape, and even anisotropic mechanical stiffness, through an external magnetic field. Magnetic elastomers have been connected to a variety of possible applications including actuation, sensing, "artificial muscle", microrobotics, bio-medical applications …

This talk should start with a introduction to magnetic particles, susceptibility, single particle magnetization, Langevin susceptibility, and, including dipolar interactions, ferrofluids. Then MD modeling strategies for magnetic gels will be presented in two and three dimensions, showing how an external field can lead to anisotropic deformation of the gel.