Hauptseminar Porous Media SS 2021/Transport in porous networks

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Transport in porous networks
Stefan Orth
Philipp Stärk


Understanding transport of fluids in porous networks is directly useful to a large array of technical applications, including mining, oil recovery, battery design, catalysis design etc.

Obviously, transport of fluids in porous networks depends on the exact hydrodynamic conditions inside the material, which can be characterized via various dimensionless numbers (Reynolds, Peclet, Knudsen, Mach).

In this talk the theory of transport will be described, first by considering Poiseuille-Hagen flow and then extending this model to more complex pore geometries in Darcy's law, while discussing limitations and corrections of all considered model assumptions. In particular, the talk will also deal with the interesting phenomenon of liquid imbibition, to consider the effects of adsorption and confinement.

In a second part of the talk, pore network models will be considered, where transport properties can be determined on a simple, coarse grained model of porous medium by using conservation equations, akin to the well-known Kirchhoff laws in electrical engineering.