Hauptseminar Theorie und Simulation der weichen Materie SS 2012/Langreichweitige Wechselwirkungen und geladene Polymere

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Langreichweitige Wechselwirkungen und geladene Polymere
Matthias Niethammer
Peter Kosovan und Florian Weik
Handout Presentation


  • Methoden zur Berechnung langreichweitiger Wechselwirkungen
    • Ewaldsumme (Frenkel, Smit: Understanding molecular simulation: from algorithms to applications, Academic Press 2002, Chapter 12)
    • P3M [1], [2]
  • Polyelectrolytes: correlations between charges due to chain topology
    • Linear polyelectrolytes, counterion condensation (see review article by Dobrynin and Rubinstein [[3]] and by Dobrynin [[4]])
    • Star polyelectrolytes: charge-density profile as a function of radial coordinate (see review article by Borisov et al: [[5]]
  • It should be possible to download the articles via the publisher website from within the domain of the University of Stuttgart. If you have problems downloading them, ask Peter Košovan for help