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|name=Menke, Henri
|name=Menke, Henri
|status=Student assistant
|status=Student assistant
|room=V57 - 4.153
<span style="font-size:300%">Are you looking for my home page at [https://www.physcip.uni-stuttgart.de/pages/~henri/ PhysCIP]?</span>
<span style="font-size:250%">[http://www.henrimenke.com/ Are you looking for my home page?]</span>
== About me ==
== Publications at ICP ==
I'm studying Physics in the 5th semester at the University of Stuttgart. In my spare time I work as a student assistant at Institute for Computational Physics {{ICP}}.
If you want to know more about my studies consider visiting my home page at [https://www.physcip.uni-stuttgart.de/pages/~henri/ PhysCIP].
You can checkout all my source code at [https://bitbucket.org/hmenke/ Bitbucket].
== Interests ==
* Physics (of course),
* LaTeX in all its uglyness,
* Programming (mainly Python, C, C++),
* [http://www.drk-rettungsdienst-esnt.de/ Emergency life support]
== Current Work ==
I'm working on the <code>cpp</code> branch of {{es}}. The goal is to port ESPResSo to C++. You can track my work on my GitHub Page [https://github.com/hmenke/ https://github.com/hmenke/].
== Previous Projects ==
* Creating a template for talks with LaTeX's <code>beamer</code>-class, called <code>icptalk</code>.
* Fixing a bug in Olaf's [https://github.com/olenz/vtfplugin <code>vtfplugin</code>].

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As Henri Menke is not a member of our working group anymore, the information on this page might be outdated.
Henri menke.jpg
Henri Menke
Student assistant
Phone:+49 711 685-67706
Fax:+49 711 685-63658
Email:henri _at_ icp.uni-stuttgart.de
Address:Henri Menke
Institute for Computational Physics
Universität Stuttgart
Allmandring 3
70569 Stuttgart

Are you looking for my home page?

Publications at ICP