Hydrodynamics topical meeting

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In this group meeting we discuss electrokinetic phenomena. The main topics of interest are:

  • Electrostatics
  • Hydrodynamics (mainly Lattice-Boltzmann)
  • Electrokinetic in nanopores


The meeting takes place biweekly on Wednesday at 13:00.

1.10.2013: First meeting, introduction and planning.

16.10.2013: Electrostatic methods used in Espresso. MK will talk about his bachelor thesis.

30.10.2013: Hydrodynamic methods in Espresso.

13.11.2013: Electrokinetics methods in Espresso (main speakers: GR and JdG)

27.11.2013: Laurent Helden (from Bechinger's group), Olaf, Axel: Colloidal diffusion between two walls. Stefan would also talk about his recent work if time left.

11.12.2013: Stefan would also talk about his recent work. Backup: Florian F.

8.1.2014: Reports (Gabriel, Dominic, Shervin, Owen)

5.2.2014: Choosing LB parameters (Stefan, Owen, ...)

19.2.2014: Meeting on nano-pores instead of EK.

5.3.2014: P3M (tuning and other issues) (Gabriel, Florian W., Olaf)