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Physik und Computeranwendungen

In the winter Semester 2009/2010, the ICP-Kolloquium usually takes place on Thursday 14.00 h, in the seminar room (ICP V 27.03).

Current Schedule

Tuesday, 20.10.2009, 14.30, Pfaffenwaldring 57, Room 7.122 Prof. Dr. S. Pop, TU Eindhoven Two phase porous media flow including dynamic effects in the capillary pressure: travelling waves and degenerate equations
Thursday, 29.10.2009, 14.00 Prof.Dr. B. Hess, MPI Mainz Surface driving forces for amphiphilic peptides
Thursday, 05.11.2009, 14.00 Prof.Dr. H.P. Scheffler, Uni Siegen On coupled continuous time random walks and related processes
Thursday, 12.11.2009, 14.00 Prof.Dr. B. Duenweg, MPI Mainz The Chapman-Enskog Expansion: A Useful Tool to Analyze Time-Scale Separation
Thursday, 19.11.2009, 14.00 Prof.Dr. R. Ludwig, Uni Rostock Ionische Flüssigkeiten: Berechnung und Simulation der ungewöhnlichen Eigenschaften eines neuen Materials
Thursday, 26.11.2009, 14.00 Prof.Dr. T. Hugel, TU München Single molecule friction and adhesion probed by an AFM-based force sensor
Thursday, 10.12.2009, 14.00 Prof.Dr. Udo Seifert, Uni Stuttgart Stochastische Thermodynamik
Thursday, 14.01.2010, 14.00 Prof.Dr. S. Klapp, TU Berlin Dipolar colloids between two and three dimensions: From simple effects towards non-equilibrium
Thursday, 21.01.2010, 14.00 Prof.Dr. A. Muramatsu, Uni Stuttgart Nichtgleichgewichtsdynamik von quantenmechanischen Systemen
Thursday, 04.02.2010, 14.00 Prof.Dr. H.R. Trebin, Uni Stuttgart Complexity: Cause and Consequences
Thursday, 11.02.2010, 14.00 Prof.Dr. J. Spatz, MPI Stuttgart Cell responses to synthetic environments