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Dr. Jens Smiatek
Group leader
Phone:+49 711 685-63757
Fax:+49 711 685-63658
Email:smiatek _at_
Address:Dr. Jens Smiatek
Institute for Computational Physics
Universität Stuttgart
Allmandring 3
70569 Stuttgart

Research interests

  • Biomolecules and specific DNA structures: i-motif and g-quadruplex
  • Solvent effects
  • Free energy landscapes
  • Solvent-solute interactions
  • Osmolytes and co-solutes
  • Electrohydrodynamics
  • Polyelectrolytes and interactions with ions
  • Microscale flows
  • Method development

Curriculum Vitae

A detailed CV can be found here.


My profile at "Scholar Google"

  • Smiatek, J.; Hansen, N.; Kästner, J.
"Free energy calculation methods and rare event sampling techniques for bimolecular simulations"
accepted for publication in Simulating Enzyme Reactivity (RSC Publishing) (2016)

Submitted Manuscripts

  • Ribeiro Tzaras, E.; Weik, F.; Holm, C.; Smiatek, J.
    Polymer translocation through thin nano pores: An unbiased perspective on free energy landscapes and essential dynamics, submitted (2016)
  • Smiatek, J.; Riedl, D.; Heuer, A.
    Statistical properties of soccer, basketball and handball - A quantitative comparison, submitted (2016)
  • Lesch, V.; Heuer, A.; Rad, B. R.; Winter, M.; Smiatek, J.
    Atomistic Insights Into Deep Eutectic Electrolytes: The Influence of Urea On The Electrolyte Salt LiTFSI in View of Electrochemical Applications, submitted (2016)
  • Hahn, M. B.; Uhlig, F.; Solomun, T.; Smiatek, J.; Sturm, H.
    Combined Influence of Ectoine and Salt: Spectroscopic and Numerical Evidence for Compensating Effects on Aqueous Solutions, submitted (2016)
  • Schroer, M. A.; Michalowsky, J.; Fischer, B.; Smiatek, J.; Grübel, G.
    Stabilizing Effect of TMAO on Globular PNIPAM States: Preferential Attraction Induces Preferential Hydration, submitted (2016)
  • Landsgesell, J.; Holm, C.; Smiatek J.
    The Wang-Landau Reaction Ensemble Method: Simulation of Weak Polyelectrolytes and General Acid-Base Reactions, submitted (2016)
  • Nanarayanan Krishnamoorthy, A.; Zeman, J.; Holm, C.; Smiatek J.
    Preferential solvation and ion association properties in aqueous dimethyl sulfoxide solutions, submitted (2016)


  • Ab initio molecular dynamics simulations of ectoine in aqueous solution (together with Frank Uhlig)

  • DFT calculations of vibrational motion of ectoine in aqueous solution for Raman frequencies between 432 - 731 1/cm

  • Forward flux sampling simulations of polymer translocation through a nano pore (together with Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras)

  • High temperature unfolding dynamics of a single-stranded deprotonated DNA i-motif