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(Nice collections of bookmarks)
(Nice collections of bookmarks)
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[http://web.mit.edu/redingtn/www/netadv/  The Net Advance of Physics ]
[http://web.mit.edu/redingtn/www/netadv/  The Net Advance of Physics ]
=== Nice collections of bookmarks ===
[http://heybryan.org/bookmarks/July9th02007_pretty3.html  Science&Technology&Co I]

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<setdata> title=Dr. status=Postdoc room=1.302 phone=47608 email=jcerda _at_ fias.uni-frankfurt.de image=Joan_Cerda.jpg </setdata>

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As Joan Josep Cerdà is not a member of our working group anymore, the information on this page might be outdated.


application_pdf.pngShort CV (32 KB)Info circle.png.

Areas of Research

Current research at a glance: most recent capital ships

Educational Area


Learn a little bit about Polymers, Colloids and Simulations (read mainly the first 3 chapters of the thesis)

The Net Advance of Physics