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[http://old.iupac.org/didac/index.html IUPAC Didactic]
[http://old.iupac.org/didac/index.html IUPAC Didactic]
[http://www.chem.qmul.ac.uk/iupac/  IUPAC Nomenclature]
[http://www.indiana.edu/~cheminfo/ca_ppi.html#comp  Chemical Information sources]
[http://www.indiana.edu/~cheminfo/ca_ppi.html#comp  Chemical Information sources]

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<setdata> title=Dr. status=Postdoc room=1.302 phone=47608 email=jcerda _at_ fias.uni-frankfurt.de image=Joan_Cerda.jpg </setdata>

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As Joan Josep Cerdà is not a member of our working group anymore, the information on this page might be outdated.


application_pdf.pngShort CV (32 KB)Info circle.png.

Areas of Research

Current research at a glance: most recent capital ships

Educational Area


Learn a little bit about Polymers, Colloids and Simulations (read mainly the first 3 chapters of the thesis)

Statistical Physics and simulations

Thermal and Statistical Physics

The Net Advance of Physics

The Physics Fact Book The Physics Hypertexbook

Physical Sciences Resource Center


Physnet, Physnet modules

Fundamental Physics Constants



IUPAC Gold Book

IUPAC Didactic

IUPAC Nomenclature

Chemical Information sources

Discover Science

Exploratorium museum

Critical Science

Bad Science

Annals of Improbable Research

Ig Nobels