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As Joan Josep Cerdà is not a member of our working group anymore, the information on this page might be outdated.
Jcerda Nov08.gif
Dr. Joan Josep Cerdà
Phone:+49 711 685-67609
Fax:+49 711 685-63658
Email:jcerda _at_
Address:Dr. Joan Josep Cerdà
Institute for Computational Physics
Universität Stuttgart
Allmandring 3
70569 Stuttgart


application_pdf.pngAbbreviated CV (106 KB)Info circle.png.

Areas of Research

Current research at a glance: most recent capital ships

All published works

Click here to get a summary/pre-prints/links to journals/extra material of my published works.


application_pdf.png Intro to Statistical Physics: Parts 0 and 1. (561 KB)Info circle.png

application_pdf.png Intro to Statistical Physics: Boltzmann distribution and Helmholtz Free Energy. (128 KB)Info circle.png

application_pdf.png Mesoscopic Methods, Intro Part-I (185 KB)Info circle.png

application_pdf.png Summary notes about Brownian Hydrodynamics (150 KB)Info circle.png

application_pdf.png Lecture notes about an introduction to Finite Elements (165 KB)Info circle.png

application_pdf.png Tutorial about an introduction to Finite Elements (97 KB)Info circle.png

application_pdf.png Tutorial about error analysis (48 KB)Info circle.png

application_pdf.png Tutorial about long range forces and Ewald summation (115 KB)Info circle.png

Educational Area

Polymer&Colloidal Physics + Simulations

Learn a little bit about Polymers, Colloids and Simulations (read mainly the first 3 chapters of the thesis)

Macrogalleria: "the cyberwonderland of polymer fun"

Statistical Physics and simulations

Thermal and Statistical Physics

Physics in General

The Net Advance of Physics

Fundamental Physics Constants

PhysNet: Educational Physics Resources

PhysNet: Links on other available Services on Physics and related Fields



Physnet, Physnet modules

Mathematical tools for Physicists

The Physics Hypertexbook

Electromagnetic fields and energy book from MIT

Cambridge Teaching and Learning Packages

--- The Mechanical Universe and beyond, very nice series of lectures in Physics

On-line basic physics course

Light and Matter series of introductory physics textbooks by B. Crowell (a wonder)


SKlog: Wiki dedicated to thermodynamics and statistical mechanics

The Physics Fact Book

Physical Sciences Resource Center

The Physics arXiv blog: explanatory repository of interesting physics articles

Physically incorrect: Physical and Mathematical puzzles


comPADRE resource center

Chemistry in General

IUPAC Didactic

IUPAC Polymer Education


Course of Chemistry I, II, Chemtutor

Journal of Chemical Education


Chemical Information sources

IUPAC Gold Book, Green Book, Orange Book

IUPAC Nomenclature I, IUPAC Nomenclature II, Nomenclature III

IUPAC e-resources main page


NIST Chemistry webbook

Chemical Synthesis Database


The The world of Chemistry. A nice series of videos about Chemistry.

Mathematics in General

Introduction to Probability (free open book by C.M.Grinstead and J.L. Snell)

The Probability web

Discover Science

Exploratorium museum

Ask a Scientist

Blogs & Newspapers dealing with Science

Science Blogs: a page devoted to highlight information from scientific blogs

Physorg: detailed blog about scientific news

Wired Science: a blog reporting novelties in science

Oxford science blog.

Malditaciencia: a nice blog about scientific topics (language: Castellano)

Blog of Jose Manuel Nieves about science and technology (language: Castellano)

Neofronteras: kind of journal for general public about science (language: Castellano)

Centpeus: blog discussing about scientific issues (language: Catalan)]

Relatos de la mula Francis: short reviews about science and technology issues) (language: Castellano)

El tao de la fisica: a blog about Physics (language: Castellano)


ABC Newspaper - Science & Technology section (language: Castellano)

"El Pais" Newspaper - Science & Technology section (language: Castellano)

Critical Science

Bad Science

Annals of Improbable Research

Ig Nobels

The Scientific Cartoonist: a humorous point of view. (language: English/Castellano)

Resources for Teachers

The Teacher professional development and teacher resources across the curriculum

Free Books and Manuals

NIC-Series: Computational techniques applied to Science

Numerical Recipes, Abramowitz-Stegun, ...

Free books on Science&Technology


Light and Matter series of introductory physics textbooks by B. Crowell (a wonder)



PSU's Electronic Classics Site

Project Gutenberg

Free Software

Useful free software for the Physicist

GSL: The GNU Scientific Library

Links to other webs

Joana&Joan, our personal page