Jonas Landsgesell

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Jonas Landsgesell
PhD student
Fax:+49 711 685-63658
Email:jlandsgesell _at_
Address:Jonas Landsgesell
Institute for Computational Physics
Universität Stuttgart
Allmandring 3
70569 Stuttgart


  • 2016: The Wang-Landau Reaction Ensemble Method: Simulation of Weak Polyelectrolytes and General Acid-Base Reactions
  • 2016: Simulation of weak polyelectrolytes: A comparison between the constant pH and the reaction ensemble method

Master Thesis

Titration of Weak Polyelectrolytes using the Wang-Landau and the Reaction Ensemble method.

Bachelor Thesis

Beta hairpin in water GROMACS.png

Free energy decomposition methods are applied to investigate the entropic contributions of water to the folding of beta hairpins.

Previous Activities