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As Jonas Landsgesell is not a member of our working group anymore, the information on this page might be outdated.
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Jonas Landsgesell
Phone:+49 711 685-67718
Fax:+49 711 685-63658
Email:jlandsgesell _at_
Address:Jonas Landsgesell
Institute for Computational Physics
Universität Stuttgart
Allmandring 3
70569 Stuttgart


PhD Thesis

Title: Simulation and Modeling of Polymer Gels:

Schematic of the i) periodic gel model, the ii) single chain cell gel model (CGM) and the iii) Poisson-Boltzmann CGM.

Grand-Reaction method

A minimal working example of the grand-reaction method can be found here: File:Minimal working example grand reaction

Master Thesis

Title: Titration of Weak Polyelectrolytes using the Wang-Landau and the Reaction Ensemble method.

Titration curves at different Bjerrum lengths

Bachelor Thesis

Title: Free energy decomposition methods are applied to investigate the entropic contributions of water to the folding of beta hairpins.

Beta hairpin in water

Previous Activities