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As Kai Grass is not a member of our working group anymore, the information on this page might be outdated.


During my application_pdf.pngPhD thesis (8.15 MB)Info circle.png, I investigated the structure formation and dynamics of polyelectrolytes during DNA Electrophoresis. This work is closely related to the separation of DNA during sequencing using varying electrophoretic techniques. My work will included theoretical approaches as well as extensive computer simulations with newly devised models. The work led to a deeper understanding of the complex mechanisms involved in this process. A seconde research topic was the study of different label types for end-labeled free-solution electrophoresis (ELFSE)

Further research topics are electro-hydrodynamics in confinement and an iPBS interative Poisson Boltzmann solver.

I am also interested in analyzing and simulating surprising properties of various other complex systems.

Additional Information

My other personal interests are karate and roleplaying games.