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We use high-performance computing on supercomputers and parallel clusters to solve complex problems in physics that would otherwise impossible to solve via analytical methods. Our main research areas are presently to understand the physics of soft matter systems in general, with a particular emphasis on charged systems like polyelectrolytes, charged colloids, ferrofluids and ionic liquids. In addition we are interested in various biophysical problems, flow phenomena, and porous media. Our methods are not only computer simulations, but we also apply statistical physics approaches like density functional methods, fractional calculus, and other approaches. The simulations are performed on parallel computers with help of the simulation package ESPResSo, and we continue to develop algorithms for long range interactions.


  • The SimGPU 2011 symposium on GPU computing in simulations will take place from May 30 - June 1, 2011, in Schloss Waldthausen near Mainz, Germany. For further information, see here.