Nanopore topical meeting

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Group leader: Bibek Adhikari Members: Angel Diaz Carral, Christian Holm, Maria Fyta

In this meeting we concentrate on nanopore physics related to polymer trans-location through solid state nanopores to glass nano capillaries. In terms of application and related properties of interest, We may divide the working group in to member who are interested in:

  • Ionic current -- Silicon based nanopore to glass nano capillaries.
  • Tunneling current -- Solid state nanopores with embedded break junctions


The meetings takes place Wednesday, 13:15, in the ICP meeting room.

WS 2015/16

  • Wed, 09.12.2015 :
  • Wed, 18.11.2015 : Jens presents Evangelos' results on Polymer translocation

SS 2014

  • Wed, 27.8.2014
  • Wed, 6.8.2014
  • Wed, 16.7.2014 Progress report: Ganesh
  • Wed, 25.6.2014 : Dr. Sela Samin (Guest Speaker), Utrecht University, Netherlands. Topic: "Electrostatics in liquid mixtures: stabilizing colloids and filling up nanopores using salty mixtures" (13:00, Seminar Room)
  • Wed, 4.6.2014 : Discussion of SFB 716 posters related to nanopores. Stephan will give an introduction about his work.
  • Wed, 14.5.2014 : Stefan will give the progress report. Ganesh will do paper discussion.
  • Wed, 23.4.2014 : Initial Meeting.