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The ICP Oberseminar usually takes place on Mondays 11:30-12:30 h, in the ICP seminar room. Each group seminar will include one talk. The duration of the talks should be approx. 20 min. The group meetings will begin at 11:00 when only one talk is planned. We expect all group members to be present and to participate in a lively discussion. In case of questions, please contact Kartik Jain.

  • Mon, 25. May 2020
    • 11:30–12:30: Michael Kuron
      Ort: Mattermost
  • Mon, 08. Jun 2020
    • 11:30–12:30: Jean-Noël Grad
      Ort: Mattermost
  • Mon, 15. Jun 2020
    • 11:30–12:30: Ingo Tischler
      Ort: ICP Seminar Room


Oberseminar SS 2014

Date Speaker Presentation
7.7.2014 Shervin Rafatnia application_pdf.pngSlides (7.88 MB)Info circle.png

Oberseminar WS 2013/2014

Date Speaker Presentation
21.10.2013 Michael Kuron application_pdf.pngSlides (2.18 MB)Info circle.png

Oberseminar SS 2013

Date Speaker Presentation
27.05.2013 Tobias Richter application_pdf.pngSlides (2.11 MB)Info circle.png
03.06.2013 Olaf Lenz application_pdf.pngSlides (7.43 MB)Info circle.png

Oberseminar WS 2012/2013

Past terms