Oberseminar SS 2010

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Oberseminar: Physik mit Höchstleistungsrechnern

In the summer Semester 2010, the Oberseminar usually takes place on Mondays 14-16 h, in the seminar room (ICP V 27.03). In general each seminar consist of a single speaker which is expected to talk for 30-45 min. We expect all group members to be present and to participate in a lively discussion.

Current Schedule

Monday, 19.04.2010, 14-15 h Stefan Leitenberger, ITP2 application_pdf.png Curvature-coupled protein diffusion in a fluctuating membrane (49 KB)Info circle.png
Monday, 19.04.2010, 14-15 h Philipp R. Welker, ICP To be announced
Monday, 26.04.2010, 14-15 h Rudolf Weeber, ICP To be announced
Monday, 03.05.2010, 14-15 h Shervin Rafatnia , ICP To be announced