Oberseminar SS 2011 tentative

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For confirmed talks see Oberseminar SS 2011 Schedule (confirmed)

Tentative Schedule

Pleas notice that this is not the official schedule for the Oberseminar.

20. June 2011 Stefan Kesselheim, ICP TBA
4.7. 2011 Wojciech Müller, ICP

Konrad Breitsprecher, ICP


Capacitance of ionic liquids

July 2011 Rudolf Weeber, ICP Magnetic gels
July 2011 Oliver Hönig, ICP Travelling Waves in Porous Media
July 2011 Karsten Keller, ISD Multifield modeling of hydrogels
2011 Olaf Lenz, ICP Problems of parallel off-lattice Monte-Carlo