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== Past terms ==
== Past terms ==
* [[Oberseminar_WS_2012]]
* [[Oberseminar SS 2012]]
* [[Oberseminar SS 2012]]
* [[Oberseminar WS 2011/2012]]
* [[Oberseminar WS 2011/2012]]

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The ICP Oberseminar usually takes place on Mondays 11:00-12:30 h, in the ICP seminar room. The duration of the talks should be 30-45 min. If there are two speakers per session, each talk should not exceed 30min. We expect all group members to be present and to participate in a lively discussion. In case of questions, please contact Maria Fyta.


Date Speaker Presentation
27.05.2013 Tobias Richter Slides (2.11 MB)Info circle.png
03.06.2013 Olaf Lenz Slides (7.43 MB)Info circle.png

Past terms


Owen's Presentation (internal access only)

Jens' Presentation (internal access only)

Shervin's Presentation (internal access only)

Ganesh's Presentation (internal access only)

Ganesh's Additional Results (internal access only)