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= Open positions =
== PhD and Postdoc Position ==
== PhD and Postdoc Position ==

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PhD and Postdoc Position

Some Ph.D and postdoc positions are open at in the area of computational soft matter. The group's research areas are broadly described by Computational and theoretical soft matter research

In particular we look for applicants in the field of

  • Simulations of ferrofluids under shear
  • Simulations of polyelectrolytes and biomolecules
  • Simulational studies of ion channels

All applicants should have a strong background in MD or MC simulations, and knowledge of basic statistical physics and soft matter theory (polymers, colloids) or knowledge in atomistic modeling (biomolecules, proteins). The simulations and any other code development will be performed using the ESPResSo simulation package (www.espresso.mpg.de).

There will be ample opportunity to interact with other researchers at FIAS, the adjacent Max Planck Institute for Biophysics, and the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt. The official language at the institute is English.

The postdoc positions are initially for one year, renewable upon mutual agreement. Successful applicants for the Graduate Student Positions will join the three year PhD program at the new Frankfurt International Graduate School for Sciences (FIGSS). Candidates should have a Masters degree.

Applicants should submit:

  • resume (including date of birth, grades, awards, publications),
  • statement of research interests (up to 2 pages),
  • names and email addresses of 2-3 references
  • links to their thesis and/or publications

Positions will remain open until filled. Please send applications per email to c.holm@fias.uni-frankfurt.de


  • We constantly are looking for motivated HiWis (student helpers) who can do basic programming tasks in C, and can help with producing animated videos and graphics, using VMD