Physics of Soft and Biological Matter 1 WS 2013/2014

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Lecture (2 SWS) and Tutorials (every 2nd week)
Prof. Dr. Christian Holm and Prof. Dr. Clemens Bechinger (Lecture); Dr. Jens Smiatek and Stefan Kesselheim (Tutorials)
Course language
Location and Time
October 17th, 2013 - February 6th, 2014
Lecture: Thu, 14:00 - 15:30 (Seminar room ICP 1.079, Allmandring 3)
Tutorials: Every second week on Thursday, 08:00-09:30 in CIP pool 1.033, ICP, Allmandring 3
B. Sc. 5. Semester or Master


The lecture intends to give an overview about the physics behind soft and biological matter which has been established as a novel interdisciplinary research field over the last decades. Soft matter typically includes easily deformable objects like colloids, polymers/polyelectrolytes, membranes, liquid crystals as well as vesicles and micelles. Most soft matter effects are driven by electrostatic, van-der-Waals, solute-solvent as well as entropic interactions. Typical phenomena include order-disorder phase transitions or aggregation behavior. The lecture will focus on the physical principles behind the observed effects. In addition, fundamental principles and theories like the DLVO- and the Poisson-Boltzmann theory will be introduced. The interdisciplinary character of this research field is reflected by the presentation of experimental and theoretical work in addition to numerical simulation results.

Recommended literature

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  • Richard A. L. Jones: Soft Condensed Matter, Oxford University Press (2002)
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Course Material

Date Subject Lecturer Ressources
17.10.2013 Motivation and historical overview Bechinger application_pdf.pngLecture Notes (181 KB)Info circle.png and Slides
24.10.2013 Many-particle systems: description of structural properties Holm application_pdf.pngLecture Notes (1.19 MB)Info circle.png
31.10.2013 Pair interactions between dispersed particles Bechinger application_pdf.pngLecture Notes (696 KB)Info circle.png application_pdf.pngSlides (3.33 MB)Info circle.png
07.11.2013 Poisson-Boltzmann theory Holm

application_pdf.pngLecture Notes (2.36 MB)Info circle.png

14.11.2013 Introduction to polymer physics Holm

application_pdf.pngLecture Notes (7.79 MB)Info circle.png

21.11.2013 Polyelectrolytes I Holm

application_pdf.pngLecture Notes (3.45 MB)Info circle.png

28.11.2013 Polyelectrolytes II Holm

application_pdf.pngLecture Notes (3.45 MB)Info circle.png (Continued from 21.11.2013)

05.12.2013 Experimental techniques Bechinger

application_pdf.pngSlides (6.2 MB)Info circle.png application_pdf.pngNotes (326 KB)Info circle.png

12.12.2013 Phase transitions Bechinger, Holm

application_pdf.pngLecture Notes (485 KB)Info circle.png

19.12.2013 Xmas lecture: Soft matter food science Bechinger, Holm
09.01.2014 Phase transitions II Holm

application_pdf.pngLecture Notes (130 KB)Info circle.png

16.01.2014 Depletion interactions I Bechinger
23.01.2014 Depletion interactions II Bechinger
30.01.2014 Biological soft matter Holm
06.02.2014 Lab tour Bechinger

Additional Material

application_pdf.pngExtract on van-der-Waals equation of state (2.24 MB)Info circle.png

Work sheets