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|default='''No talk in this week!'''
|default='''No talk in this week!'''

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 SpeakerHostAffiliationTimeTalk TitleLocationDate"Date" is a type and predefined property provided by Semantic MediaWiki to represent date values.PDFlink
ICP Group Seminar 2012/04/16Florian FahrenbergerICP Group SeminarICP11:30Presenting your researchPWR27.01 (ICP)16 April 2012
ICP Group Seminar 2012/04/23José Rafael BordinICP Group SeminarICP and Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil11:30A dielectric model for ion fluxes through nanopores and transmembrane channelsPWR27.01 (ICP)23 April 2012
ICP Group Seminar 2012/04/30Kai KratzerICP Group SeminarICP11:30Crystallization of Charged MacromoleculesPWR27.01 (ICP)30 April 2012
ICP Group Seminar 2012/05/07Oliver HönigICP Group SeminarICP11:30Horizontal flow and capillary redistribution in porous mediaPWR27.01 (ICP)7 May 2012
ICP Group Seminar 2012/05/14canceledICP Group Seminar11:30canceledPWR27.01 (ICP)14 May 2012
ICP Group Seminar 2012/05/21Stefan KesselheimICP Group SeminarICP11:30Electrokinetics in nanoporesPWR27.01 (ICP)21 May 2012
ICP Group Seminar 2012/05/25Filip UhlíkICP Group SeminarCharles University in Prague, Czech Republic11:30Special seminar - off schedule
Hybrid Monte Carlo simulations for polymers
PWR27.01 (ICP)25 May 2012
ICP Group Seminar 2012/06/04Rajarshi ChakrabartiICP Group SeminarICP11:30Coarse-grained simulation of tracer diffusion in hairy cylindrical channel: normal vs anomalousPWR27.01 (ICP)4 June 2012
ICP Group Seminar 2012/06/11Georg RempferICP Group SeminarICP11:30Coarse-grained modeling of electrokineticsPWR27.01 (ICP)11 June 2012
ICP Group Seminar 2012/06/15Konrad BreitsprecherICP Group SeminarICP10:00Differential Capacitance of Ionic Liquids: Insights from Coarse-grained ModelingLesesaal (Room 11)15 June 2012
ICP Group Seminar 2012/06/18Joost de GraafICP Group SeminarUniversiteit Utrecht11:30Triangle-Based Numerical Techniques for the Study of Anisotropic ColloidsPWR27.01 (ICP)18 June 2012
ICP Group Seminar 2012/06/25Elena MininaICP Group SeminarICP11:30DNA Segregation Process in Primitive BacteriaPWR27.01 (ICP)25 June 2012
ICP Group Seminar 2012/06/29Benedikt SabassICP Group SeminarII. Institut für Theoretische Physik - Universitaet Stuttgart10:00Chemically powered, phoretic motionLesesaal (ICP)29 June 2012
ICP Group Seminar 2012/07/02Johannes Zeman and Andreas MichelICP Group SeminarICP11:30Investigating the Statistics of Precipitation in Fe/Cu Systems Using Computer Simulations
PWR27.01 (ICP)2 July 2012
ICP Group Seminar 2012/07/09Wojciech MüllerICP Group SeminarICP10:00PWR27.01 (ICP)13 July 2012
ICP Group Seminar 2012/07/16Tobias Richter and Rouven SteinleICP Group SeminarICP11:30Simulations of hydrogel swelling equilibria under external pressure and TBAPWR27.01 (ICP)16 July 2012
ICP Group Seminar 2012/07/23Olaf LenzICP Group SeminarICP11:30Planning of the next term. Obligatory for all ICP members!PWR27.01 (ICP)23 July 2012