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This page explains how to access the SimBio CVS repository. If you don't know yet about CVS, please read CVS first.

Accessing the repository

The SimBio CVS repository is found in cvsroot/ in the SimBio account.

From a FIAS machine (e.g., you can access the repository as follows. To check out the module <module>, use

 cvs -d /home/users/simbio/cvsroot co <module>

If you want to access the CVS remotely (i.e. from a non-FIAS computer), use

 cvs -d :ext:<user> co <module>

and replace <user> by your username.


The repository contains the following modules:

this module contains all other CVS modules
this module bundles all CVS modules that are related the publications of the SimBio group, i.e.
  • poster
  • papers
  • bibtex
posters of the group
papers of the group, structured according to our internal conventions
BibTeX files that contain the references used in the group.