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Simulationsmethoden in der Physik I:Simulation Methods in Physics I

Lecture (2 SWS) and Tutorials (1 SWS)
Prof. Dr. Christian Holm (Lecture) and Marcello Sega, Peter Košovan (Tutorials)
Course language
Deutsch oder Englisch, wie gewünscht - German or English, by vote
Time and Room
Lecture times: Thursday, =, Room V27.xx (tentative),
Tutorial times: To be decided yet, Room U 108 (Pfaffenwaldring 27)

The lecture is accompanied by hands-on-tutorials which will take place in the CIP-Pool of the ICP, Pfaffenwaldring 27, U 108. They consist of practical exercises at the computer, like small programming tasks, simulations, visualization and data analysis. The tutorials build on each other, therefore continuous attendance is expected. Tutorials will be held on: Time to be negotiated during the first meeting on October 19.