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The maximum number of results to return

The offset of the first result

Show values as links

Display the headers/property names

The label to give to the main page name

The text to display before the query results, if there are any

The text to display after the query results, if there are any

Text for continuing the search

The text to display if there are no query results

Additional annotated data are to be copied during the parsing of a subject

The separator between the properties of a result entry

The separator between the values for a property of a result

The name of a template with which to display the printouts
named args:

Name the arguments passed to the template

A value passed into each template call, if a template is used

An additional CSS class to set for the list

The name of a template to display before the query results, if there are any

The name of a template to display after the query results, if there are any

The separator between results
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|- |Maximilian Hörl |Bachelor student

|- |Sven Ilse |Bachelor student

|- |Kartik Jain |Senior Scientist

|- |Florian Janoschek |Diploma student

|- |Katrin Jansen |Student assistant

|- |Parastoo Javadipour |student assistant

|- |Ashreya Jayaram |Master student

|- |Dr. Sofia Kantorovich |Humboldt Fellow

|- |Robert Kaufmann |Master student

|- |Stefan Kesselheim |PhD student

|- |Tarun Khanna |Master thesis student

|- |Kevin Kleinbeck |

|- |Marco Klinkigt |Diploma student

|- |Nikhil Kodali |Student assistant

|- |Miriam Kohagen |Postdoc

|- |Kornel Kovacs |

|- |Dr. Peter Košovan |Postdoc

|- |Kevin Kraschewski |Bachelor student

|- |Dr. Kai Kratzer |Postdoc

|- |Meike Kreidler |SFB Secretary

|- |Tatyana Kromer-Vovk |Diploma student

|- |Dr. Pradeep Kumar |PostDoc

|- |Christian Kunert |PhD student

|- |Michael Kuron |PhD student

|- |Damla Kökten |Student assistant

|- |Deniz Kökten |Student assistant

|- |Patrick Küssner |Bachelor student

|- |Feng-Hsiang Lai |Guest Scientist

|- |Jonas Landsgesell |PhD

|- |Stefan Lasse |Student assistant

|- |Miru Lee |Master student

|- |Claudia Lemke |SFB Secretary

|- |Dr. Olaf Lenz |Postdoc

|- |Di Liu |Bachelor student

|- |Hao Lu |Master student

|- |Stephan Ludwig |MSc student

|- |Samuel Maier |Bachelor Student

|- |Michael Marquardt |Bachelor Student

|- |Henri Menke |Student assistant

|- |Julian Michalowsky |PhD student

|- |Andreas Michel |Diploma student

|- |Elena Minina |PhD student

|- |Azahar Monge Sánchez |MSc student

|- |Wojciech Müller |Diploma student

|- |Narayanan Krishnamoorthy Anand |PhD student

|- |Ariel Narváez |PhD student

|- |Andreas Natterer |BSc student

|- |Dr. Ameeya Nayak |Postdoc

|- |Dr. Alexey Neelov |Postdoc

|- |Pedro Ojeda |Postdoc

|- |Henriette Patzelt |Secretary

|- |Miftahussurur Hamidi Putra |Master student

|- |Dr. Baofu Qiao |Postdoc

|- |Shervin Rafatnia |postdoc

|- |Laurin Rademacher |Bachelor student

|- |Tobias Rau |Master student

|- |Georg Rempfer |PhD student

|- |Evangelos Ribeiro Tzaras |Student assistant

|- |Tobias Richter |PhD student

|- |Nicolai Roth |Master student

|- |Christian Rupp |Bachelor student

|- |Dominic Röhm |PhD student

|- |Chandra Shekar Sarap |Postdoc

|- |Silke Schade |SFB Secretary

|- |Michael Scharwaechter |Bachelor student

|- |Moritz Schleicher |Bachelor student

|- |Dr. Jochen Schmidt |Postdoc

|- |Robert Schuh |Bachelor student

|- |Frank Schulz |Bachelor student

|- |Moritz Schumacher |Bachelor student

|- |Corinna Schwob |SFB Secretary

|- |David Schwörer |Master student

|- |Simon Schöll |Bachelor student

|- |David Sean |Postdoc

|- |Dr. Marcello Sega |Postdoc

|- |Gabriel Sichardt |MSc student

|- |Steven Siegel |Student helper

|- |Ganesh Sivaraman |PhD student

|- |Himadri Soni |Postdoc

|- |Roman Stano |Visiting Master student

|- |Rouven Steinle |PhD student

|- |Tobias Steinle |Student helper

|- |Cameron Stewart |Master student

|- |Kai Szuttor |PhD student

|- |Dr. Pedro Sánchez |Postdoc

|- |Mehmet Süzen |PhD Student

|- |Dr. Fatemeh Tabatabaei |Postdoc

|- |Andrea Tagliabue |PhD student

|- |Aaron Taudt |Bachelor student

|- |Alessa Truedinger |Student assistant

|- |Frank Uhlig |Postdoc

|- |Martin Vögele |Master student

|- |Tilak Waelde |Student assistant

|- |Florian Weik |PhD student

|- |Philipp R. Welker |PhD student

|- |Alexander Weyman |Master student

|- |Christoph Wolber |PhD student

|- |Pawel Wojcik |Student assistant

|- |Prof.Dr. Zhenli Xu |Guest scientist

|- |Prof.Dr. Wang Xue |Guest scientist

|- |Jie Yang |PhD student

|- |Florian Zeller |Bachelor student

|- |Julian Zeller |Bachelor student

|- |Dr. Joost de Graaf |Postdoc