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!width="10%" |room
{{#ask: [[Category:Arnold]]
{{#ask: [[Category:Arnold]]
=== Group of Prof. Dr. Harting ===
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For calling the members from outside, the following prefix is required: 49-(0)711/685-

Staff members

name position email phone room
Placeholder.jpg Simone Blümlein

Phone +49 711 685-63593
Office 1.042

Placeholder.jpg Frank Huber

System Administrator
Phone +49 711 685-63626
Office 1.028

Placeholder.jpg Marcela Renderos

Student assistant

Office 1.042

Research groups

Group of Prof. Dr. Holm

name position email phone room
Placeholder.jpg Lukas Aigner

Master student

Office 01.077

Placeholder.jpg David Beyer

PhD Student

Office 01.039

Placeholder.jpg Carl Biermann

Master student

Placeholder.jpg Mariano Brito


Office 1.070

Placeholder.jpg Marco Brückner

Master Student
Phone +49 711 685-67703
Office 01.039

Placeholder.jpg Jan Finkbeiner

Master student

Office 1.04

Placeholder.jpg Jean-Noël Grad

PhD student
Phone +49 711 685-67715
Office 1.041

Placeholder.jpg Simon Gravelle


Office 1.070

Placeholder.jpgProf. Dr. Christian Holm

Phone +49 711 685-63701
Office 1.046

Placeholder.jpg Maximilian Hörl

Bachelor student
Phone +49 711 685-67610
Office 1.076

Placeholder.jpg Henrik Jäger

Master Student

Office 01.092

Placeholder.jpg Patrick Kreissl

PhD student
Phone +49 711 685-63594
Office 1.041

Placeholder.jpg Christoph Lohrmann

PhD Student
Phone +49 711 685-67706
Office 1.077

Placeholder.jpg Hao Lu

Master student

Placeholder.jpg Ingo Tischler

PhD student
Phone +49 711 685-67701
Office 1.035

Placeholder.jpg Samuel Tovey

PhD student

Office 1.076

Placeholder.jpg Rudolf Weeber

Senior Lecturer
Phone +49 711 685-67609
Office 1.036

Placeholder.jpg Jie Yang

PhD student

Office 1.0

Placeholder.jpg Johannes Zeman

PhD student
Phone +49 711 685-63934
Office 1.070

Placeholder.jpg Fabian Zills

Masters Student

Office 1.076

Group of Prof. Dr. Hilfer

name position email phone room
Placeholder.jpg Johannes Hauskrecht


Office 01.092

Placeholder.jpg Rudolf Hilfer

Phone +49 711 685-67607
Office 1.088

Placeholder.jpg Matthias Huebler

Phone +49 711 685-63627
Office 01.070

Placeholder.jpgDr. Yuichi Itto

Phone +49 711 685-63934
Office 1.070

Placeholder.jpg Tillmann Kleiner

PhD student
Phone +49 711 685-67719
Office 1.084

Placeholder.jpg Veit Kutzner


Office 01.084

Placeholder.jpg Andreas Lemmer

PhD student
Phone +49 711 685-63932
Office 1.076

Placeholder.jpg Edi Olgmair

Student helper

Placeholder.jpgDipl.Phys. Thomas Zauner

visiting scientist
Phone +49 711 685-63932
Office 1.076

Placeholder.jpgProf. Dr. Paul Zegeling

Guest scientist
Phone +49 711 685-67610
Office 1.076

Group of JP Dr. Arnold

name position email phone room

Former group members

name position
Bibek Adhikari PhD student
Samer Afach
Özgül Alsahan Student assistant
Dr. Axel Arnold Group leader
Anastasia Avramenko Student assistant
Dr. Bakkyaraj Thangarasu PostDoc
Robin Bardakcioglu Student assistant
Matthias Baur Master student
Dr. Bibhu Biswal Guest Scientist
José Rafael Bordin Guest scientist
Konrad Breitsprecher PhD student
Christian Burkard Bachelor student
Simon Candelaresi Diploma student
Grant Cates Master student
Dr. Joan Josep Cerdà Postdoc
Dr. Rajarshi Chakrabarti Postdoc
Dr. Yildiray Cinar Visitor
April Cooper Bachelor student
Sergio Cruz Leon MSc student
José Fernando Cuenca Jimēnez MSc student
Adwait Datar Master student
Gary Davies Postdoc
Florian Dommert Postdoc
Dr. Florian Doster Postdoc
Maofeng Dou Postdoc
Sascha Ehrhardt Master student
Tobias Eipperle Student helper
Carola Endler Project student
Marc Fabritius SimTech student
Florian Fahrenberger ph D student
Nadia Figueiredo Visiting PhD Student
Martin Fischer B.Sc student
Anjan Prasad Gantapara PhD student
Dr. Kai Grass Postdoc
Patricia Grassl Student assistant
Dr. Nadezhda Gribova Postdoc
Felix Gross Bachelor student
Dr. Jens Harting Assistant professor
Mariam Hassib Student helper
Dr. Martin Hecht Postdoc
Jens Hertkorn Student assistant
Owen Hickey post doc
Dhaval Hinglajia Student helper
Damaris Holder BSc student
Dr. Hu Guo PostDoc
Florian Häußermann Student
Dr. Oliver Hönig Postdoc
Sven Ilse Bachelor student
Kartik Jain Senior Scientist
Florian Janoschek Diploma student

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