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Shanghai (上海)
A section of Shanghai's Pudong, east bank of Huangpu River.
Location in the People's Republic of China
Shanghai is highlighted and pointed to on this map

Basic Information
Origin of name: shàng - on/above
hǎi - sea
"Upper reaches of the sea"
Abbreviation: and 申 Shēn
Area: 6,340.5 km² (31st)
Population (2006): 18,670,000 (25th) Municipality
9,838,000 Urban Area, 2001 est.
Density (2006): 2,945/km² (1st) Municipality
GDP (2006):
 - per capita
CNY 1,029.7 billion (7th)
CNY 55,153 (1st)
HDI (2005) 0.909 (1st) — high
Major nationalities (2000): Han - 99%
Hui - 0.4%
City flower: Yulan magnolia
(Magnolia denudata)
Elevation: 0 - 103.4 m
Coordinates: Template:Coor dm
Postal code: 200000 - 202100
Area code: +86/21
License plate prefixes : 沪A, B, D, E
沪C (outer suburbs)
ISO 3166-2: cn-31
Time zone : UTC+8
Website : www.shanghai.gov.cn
Administration Type: Municipality
CPC Shanghai
Committee Secretary:
Han Zheng (acting)
Mayor: Han Zheng
County-level divisions: 18 Districts and 1 County
Township-level divisions: 220 Towns and Villages


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