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Virtual Soft Matter Seminar Stuttgart

Stuttgart University has a prominent assembly of groups performing research on soft matter. This page tries to list all talks on soft matter research that take place at the University of Stuttgart within the next three months.

  • Keine Termine.

Participating groups

If you like to be added, please send an email to


I am hosting a soft matter related talk and would like to include it in this calendar. What do I have to do?

Send an email to containing all the related information, such as the title of the talk, the name of the speaker and his or her affiliation, the time and place of the talk, as well as the abstract. Ideally, you would also include a text document containing all this information for display on the institutes. If you would like to publish information about your talks in this calendar on a regular basis and would like to do so yourself, we can give you write access. You need a Google account for this.

I / my institute is already using a calendar program. How can I include this information into my / our own calendar?

You can also conveniently import this data into your own iCal compatible calendar (such as the Google and Apple calendar apps) using the file provided by . Make sure not to download and import the file, but instead make your calendar program periodically check the contents of this calendar. For some widely used calendar programs, this works as follows

Google Calendar
Open the web interface of your google calendar at, then click on the small triangle next to "other calendars" in the sidebar on the left. Choose "Add by URL" and input before clicking "add calendar".
Apple Calendar on a Mac
Choose "New Calendar" from the "File" menu. Input and click "Subscribe".
Apple Calendar on an iPhone / iPod
Open the "Settings" and choose the category "Mail, Contacts, Calendars". Click on "Add Account" and choose "other" as type. Select "Add Subscribed Calendar" under the headline "Calendars". Input and click "Next". Now you can give some additional (unneccessar) information and click "Save".
Microsoft Outlook (2010)
Choose the calendar from the left sidebar. Open the menu "Open Calendar" from the top bar and click "From Internet ...". Input and click OK.