List of publications

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    Probing the distribution of ionic liquid mixtures at charged and neutral interfaces via simulations and lattice-gas theory , Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics , accepted (2022).
  1. S. Manjunath, M. Yeligeti, M. Fyta, J. Haas, H-C. Gils
    Impact of COVID-19 on electricity demand: Deriving minimum states of system health for studies on resilience, Data 6, 76 (2021), (pdf).
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  1. M. Dou, F.C. Maier, and M. Fyta,
    The influence of a solvent on the electronic transport across diamondoid-functionalized biosensing electrodes , Nanoscale 11, 14216 (2019), (pdf) .
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  1. F.L. de Souza, G. Sivaraman, J. Hertkorn, R.G. Amorim, M. Fyta, W.L. Scopel,
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PhD thesis:
Theoretical investigation of the energetics and mechanical properties of nanostructured amorphous carbon , Copyright © 2005fyta


  1. M. Fyta, Computational Approaches in Physics (2016),
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    Morgan & Poolman Publishers.
    Online ISBN: 978-1-6817-4417-9, print ISBN: 978-1-6817-4416-2.
    Publisher site

Book Chapters:
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Conference proceedings:

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